Dear Woodvale Families,

We realize that many of you have questions about returning to school. We want to open school in a safe manner and therefore we are sharing information below that outlines our school safety plan. We look forward to seeing your child at school as we follow the LPSS Phase 2

Blended Model. We used the guidelines from LPSS and modified them to fit the needs of our campus. We hope this will give you the confidence to send your child to school with us.

Isolation Room Each school will have an isolation room in the event that students have fever or other symptoms of COVID. This room will be supervised by the nurse or one of the COVID TEAM members. Chairs will be housed in this room for students to sit, socially distanced, and masked. The room and the attached restroom will be cleaned between student use.

Parents can help us by:

● Checking your child’s temperature each morning.

● Keeping your student home if they are running fever or have other illnesses.

● Contacting the school if your child has a positive case of COVID 19.

Student Arrival

● All home room teachers will be on duty in their classrooms.

● Paraprofessionals, auxiliary teachers, and cafeteria staff will be on duty posts.

● Students will either arrive at the Bus Loop in the back of the building near Doucet Road or as a Car Rider in the front of school. Students will walk immediately to their designated classroom hallway. No walking to the cafeteria or elsewhere on campus.

● Those students who eat breakfast at school will grab a breakfast from a cart in their designated hallway entrance. Other students will report to the entrance of their classroom.

● Students will have their temperature checked and recorded before entering the classroom. If a student has a fever, they will stand on a designated spot until they can be checked 10 minutes later. If they still have a fever, they will be escorted to the isolation room. The temperature will be taken again and the parent will be called to come pick up the student. If there are more symptoms, a form will be completed to request that the child be brought to the doctor or isolated at home for 10 school days. If we send home your student, their absence will be excused. If they are cleared by a doctor sooner, they may return. Documentation will support these decisions.

Bus Arrival/Dismissal

● Bus seats will be assigned by the school board for all students. The first students on the bus will sit in the back and the seats will be filled with the appropriate number going towards the front so that students aren’t walking past or touching others. In the afternoon, students in the front will be dropped off first.

● Masks are encouraged for K-2 students and required for 3-4 students. Drivers and attendants will be wearing masks.

● Once transportation gives bus information, we will modify this plan if needed.

Car Arrival/Dismissal

● We have altered our entrance street from Woodvale Avenue to Roselawn where there is a turning lane for parents to wait safely without blocking city traffic. Specific procedures coming soon.

● Staff members may drive on Woodvale Avenue when they arrive to avoid the car rider line.

Temperature Checks Student

● A google sheet will be created to record the temperatures. Teachers can type directly into the file, and the administration can see it in real time and review it at any time of the day.

● LPSS will supply thermometers for teachers to check students’ temperatures.

● The front office clerk, secretary, or anyone on the COVID Team will check visitor temperatures. Visitors will be strictly limited.

● Temperature checks will be repeated after lunch.

Temperature Checks-Staff

● All staff members and substitute teachers will have daily temperature checks upon arrival.

Exchange of Classes

● Students will attend auxiliary classes and recess.

● Students will be taught which direction to walk down the hallway and how to exchange classes with appropriate distance.

● Auxiliary teachers and duty teachers will spray desks and chairs and/or equipment between groups with a fast drying solution.

● Team teaching in 3rd and 4th grades will take place with students exchanging classes. Desks and chairs will be sprayed and wiped between exchanges.

During Classes

● Teachers will create an assigned spot for each student to sit in daily. Desks and chairs will be sprayed with disinfectant daily.

● A staggered seating arrangement will be used so that each student only touches their own desk space. ● Hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout campus in classrooms, restrooms, hallways, office, and cafeteria.

● Classroom libraries, rugs, and many cloth items have been removed from rooms.


● Students will pick up their grab and go food bag from a cart and will eat in their classrooms.

Soap/Hand Sanitizer

● Custodians will tend to restrooms, water fountains and sanitizing stations hourly. There will be multiple hand sanitizer stations placed around campus. Each teacher will have a station on the wall in his/her classroom.

Teaching New Safety Expectations

● A safety expectation video will be shown to students.

● Rewards and other classroom incentives may be used to encourage safety of students.

● Students will be in static groups. Teachers and staff will monitor at all times and remind students of expectations.

Substitutes/ Teacher Absence

● A Covid Team member will take student temperature checks if there is a substitute for the teacher.

● The secretary will share the expectations with the substitute as well as check the substitute’s temperature when he or she signs in at the front office.

Water for Students

● Parents are encouraged to send a water bottle or thermos daily with their child. Water only.

● Students may have water bottles at their desks. They may be refilled at the fountains. Students should use hand sanitizer before and after using the water fountain. The fountains will be cleaned hourly.


● The playground will be divided into sections where students will be assigned to play on a rotating basis.

● We will have 5 recess times so that only one grade level is outside at a time. In the past, we had 2 grade levels at recess at the same time. This will give us ¼ or even less of the normal amount of children outside at one time and they will be separated into sections of the playground.

● Students will line up in designated areas. Teachers will teach students how to line up using social distancing rules. Students will walk in straight lines, one class after the other to maintain their distance. The furthest class goes first so that students aren’t walking past each other at any given time.

● Duty teachers will spray the playground equipment with the approved, fast drying disinfectant spray after each recess.

Front Office

● No parents or visitors will be allowed at school. In the event a parent or visitor must report to school, LPSS procedures and guidelines will be followed.

● There will be taped off spaces and signs where visitors should stand.

● There will be designated chairs in the hallway that can be sprayed and wiped by custodial or office staff.

● The parents or visitor will show their ID through the plexiglass at the office desks.

● Temperatures of visitors will be taken only if they are going past the front entrance/office area. It will be recorded on the visitors sign in log.

What happens if there is a positive student COVID case?

● The nurse or a COVID Team member will call the designated staff member at LPSS to report the case. Paperwork will be completed to answer questions about contact with others. The LPSS designee will determine if other students or teachers were actually exposed, meaning within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes. If anyone else was exposed, that person or guardian will be personally contacted and given directions on quarantining or testing.

● If there was no exposure, the guardians of the students in the classroom or on the bus will be given a PACE call letting them know that there was a positive case in the room or on the bus, but no quarantining or testing is necessary.

● The positive student or staff member will be allowed to return to school once they are released by their doctor. Their absences would be excused.

School Hours

● Due to possible double and triple bus routes, LPSS has made the decision to shorten the length of the school day by one hour. Arrival is at 7:25 am. The new dismissal time will be 2:10 pm. The instructional day will be 7:55 am to 2:10 pm.

Extended Care

● Woodvale Extended Care guidelines will follow all Covid-19 safety protocols. More details regarding Extended Care information and registration will be forthcoming.


● It is so important that students not miss any unnecessary instructional time.

● Please be on time daily. Students will attend either 2 or 3 days per week.

● We ask that you make all appointments for your child on their off day or after school hours. Dismissal is at 2:10 pm.

Phase 1

● If we move to Phase 1 by the governor, LPSS will move to the Phase 1, VIRTUAL plan.

● All students will stay home to work on lessons virtually.

● Chromebooks will be issued for students needing them.

● All teachers will report to campus and teach virtually from their classroom.