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AUGUST 5, 2020 

When does school start for students? Sept 8th. More info will be sent out as we modify opening dates and Meet and Greet plans.

Is LPSS considering when they open in September to open in the fully virtual option? They have not shared any of those plans with principals or assistant principals yet. 

In the case of fully virtual, will kindergarten students get Chrome books? Parish-wide, it depends on if the orders for Chromebooks come in on time. If not, they will have packets of work or will be given optional technology lessons that can be viewed on a cell phone or other device. Woodvale’s ability will depend on the number of families needing Chromebooks and the directives given by LPSS. We are very close to 1:1 technology here. We can’t promise this yet.

Will students have recess, PE, or music class? Yes, they will have recess and all Auxiliary classes. It will be on a rotating schedule so that each child will get to experience all of those classes within 2-3 weeks depending on the A/B days. PE, Library, Music, Science Lab. 

Recess will be rotated by parts of the playground so they will  be touching less equipment (one area per day) that will be cleaned between each grade level. Like auxiliary, the children will have a chance to play on each area of the playground within a two week time frame.

Will kindergarten be doing testing before the start of school? No, we will split the classes evenly by demographics. They will complete their testing the first couple weeks of school. The data will be used by the teacher to make effective differentiated instruction plans and to know the needs of her students.

When will we learn their teacher’s name? We will have teachers contact families before the drive-through orientation that we will plan. It was going to be August 13-14, but we will push this back to a different date. More info will come soon. 

Will the student and parent get to meet the teacher before school starts or have some kind of orientation? Yes, we will send out orientation information soon. Parents and students will stay in the car for the orientation, but we will have teachers contact you before then. We are creating videos to share with families to have a virtual tour. Expect those the first week of September.

Are there any other kindergarten details that a first-time Woodvale parent should know? There is so much to know about Woodvale. First, I’d say your child is in good hands. It is a wonderful atmosphere normally for students and parents. This year will be different because many of the things that make Woodvale great will have to be altered due to COVID-19 precautions. We will do our best to keep a resemblance of our traditional activities. I’d suggest joining the Woodvale Kindergarten Facebook page and join the PTC when it becomes available. Ask some questions there, many of the wonderful parents will be glad to fill you in.

Will there be any changes to the normal attendance policy? With fewer days to attend, parents are encouraged to make sure students are not tardy or absent if possible. We highly encourage that doctor appointments be scheduled on a student’s “home learning day” or “off day.”  In the event that an appointment must be scheduled on a student’s regular attendance day, please submit a doctor’s excuse so that the absence can be excused.

Hopefully, sick kids will not be penalized for staying home. Please use your judgement if your child is sick. We can’t take chances this year especially.  

I’m also concerned about the shortened holiday breaks — many of us had trips and other plans for those days off, but now those days are school days. What if we can’t change our plans? Those days would count as unexcused absences, unfortunately. 

Will students have electives/extracurricular options this year? We were looking forward to doing the robotics club, and I heard that kids also have the option to take vocal class (in a normal year). Will those be happening this year?  For now, that answer is no, they won’t be happening. If we get more directives from LPSS or if the phase changes, those may become possible later in the year. Our teachers look forward to those things, too, so we’ll try to figure out a way.

What will be expected of students on their off days? Students will have take-home work packets in K-2nd grades. Those teachers will also suggest some technology options for extra practice and learning.

3rd-4th will have some work to do on Chromebooks or other technology. They will be issued a Chromebook if needed to complete this required work.

Also, will there be PE, science, library and computers? YES, see above 🙂

Will we be able to drop off supplies before school starts? Yes, during the drive through Meet and Greet, more info coming soon.

What steps are being taken to secure the campus from people who may want to access our kids? With all teachers in masks it seems our kids will be less able to quickly identify a stranger. The campus is open from the front parking lot. Someone posing as staff could walk in under the cover of a mask not easily noticed by others.  Unfortunately, Woodvale has more than one entrance area, unlike other schools that have only one.  Visitors are not allowed on campus at this time.  Therefore, a stranger would be noticed if there were one on campus.  

Will the kindergartners and parents tour the campus so they have some sense of familiarity of the campus? Since the start of the school year was postponed, can that time be used for the students and families, of kindergartners, to tour campus? Doesn’t that seem like a better option for kindergartners instead of just sending them off on the first day of school, in a new environment, when their only campus reference is a virtual orientation?

Unfortunately, parents are not allowed on campus, per LPSS guidelines.  Staff may be able to walk students to their classroom during Meet and Greet to meet their teacher and see their classroom.  More information to follow. 

Are we still registering for after care tomorrow or will that be pushed back as well?

Yes, Extended Care registration will still take place online tomorrow, August 7th.

I read that the kindergarteners will be screened within the first few weeks of school.  So this means that students will get to know a teacher and make friends and then possibly  be switched to another class? Is this really the best idea? I know of other districts who are screening their 5 year olds before school starts.  They are scheduled one at a time.  Is this something y’all could work on? 

Kindergarteners will be screened during the first few weeks of school, but no student will switch classes after screening is complete.

Will 4th grader’s online work require them to check in and out of online class (and will they need a webcam) or will it be more like independent study at home? There won’t be online classes unless we go full virtual. The Chromebooks we send home will have a camera and microphone should they need it. The teachers will post links and assignments on their google classroom pages for students to access. There may also be paper pencil assignments.

It will be more like independent study at home.  If Chromebooks are issued, it will have a camera for zoom meetings, etc. if some online learning will take place.

Will kindergarteners ride the bus on their first day?  Or should they be dropped off for the first day and ride the bus afterwards? This is totally a parent’s decision. We will have staff on standby to help kids in the car rider line and the bus loop. We aren’t going to be able to allow parents to walk down to the classrooms like we have in years past. Maybe ask your child which they prefer if you feel like they’d be ok on the bus.

Will you post the school supply list? Or where can I locate it? Here you go. Click here🙂

Will extended care still occur? Yes And if so how do we sign up for it? What time will the link for aftercare registration be published on Friday? I hope everyone got the link by email. We sent it out early in the day, but it took a few hours to go through the system for some reason.

Will the HVAC system be regularly maintained (or updated if needed) and filters changed often for air quality in the classrooms? HVAC systems are not maintained by our school. I will try to get that answer from the proper department at LPSS, but like everything else with maintenance, they are increasing the protocol for cleaning and replacing filters and such. Our custodians have higher demands than ever.

What is the plan for the extended day program and payments for reduced days? There are reduced rates for the hybrid plan. Mrs. Deborah, our secretary and extended care director, can figure your monthly rate. $120 is for 5 days a week, 4 days/week is $96, 3 days/week is $72, 2 days/week  is  $48, and 1 day/week is $24. I believe they left the 5 and 4 day amounts on there in case we get to eventually return to 5 days/week.

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