Woodvale Elementary PTC  November Minutes

Woodvale General PTC Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2020

I. PTC Virtual Meeting – via Zoom

A. Call to order 6:05 by Adele Chauvin

B. Approval of Minutes – Laura Lee and Jennifer Hargrave 

  • Laura reminded everyone that the minutes are posted on the PTC website for review. She then asked for a motion to approve minutes. Ms. Vidos made the motion and Keegan McClain seconded it. The minutes were approved as is.

C. Treasurer Report – Keegan McClain 

  • General account starting balance is $39,430.61 and ending balance is $38,738.20
  • Symposium Shirts account starting balance $0 start; current balance is $404.00 
  • Membership account starting balance is $3,165.00 and ending balance is $3,539.06

D. Old Business 

1. Membership Drive – Incentive Update 

  • Laura said we’ve placed order and received most of the items. The water bottles were on backorder so switched product. Should be ready next week. 

E. New Business 

1. Teacher Appreciation – Betsy Prather 

  • Betsy is the co-chair for committee. She reported the committee made goody bags in October. This month the committee is planning a snack room and is currently accepting donations. The link for the signup is in the newsletter and on the Facebook grade level pages. Everything will be in individual packages which limits touching and protects the teachers. The committee plans to set up Sunday afternoon and have it ready for the teachers Monday morning. They hope to do something small every month to show the teachers some love.
  • Ms. Vidos responded that the teachers appreciate it and likes the idea of a monthly treat.  
  • Mrs. Yergeau also thanked the committees and agreed the teachers appreciate it. She said it helps the teachers stay connected.
  • Adele also thanked the committee.

2. Beautification 

  • A new campus clean up date scheduled for December 5. Adele thanked committee and mentioned plans for additional landscaping and picnic tables.

3. Meeting Times – take our survey! https://forms.gle/NkD6h6RDqxbbsvVY8

  • A survey is available to get feedback for meeting times to better accommodate schedules and be more convenient so more PTC members can participate. 

F. Q&A 


II. Administration & School Updates from Ms. Vidos

A. Old Business 

1. School Sign update 

  • The sign is up and looks amazing. There is a year-long service agreement to learn how to use it and they are anxious to get started. They’re looking forward to highlighting school and PTC events.

B. New Business 

1. Fundraiser Deadline

  • Tomorrow is due date. Parents can drop off during the day, if needed. If a parent needs to drop off the envelope, the should call the front office from their car and someone will pick it up. Ms. Vidos appreciates the parents effort with the fundraiser.
  • Ms. Yergeau asked if it’s going well. Ms. Vidos said yes and prizes will be going home soon. 
  • Betsy Prather asked if parents need to keep track of the prizes. Ms. Vidos answered that the school keeps track of it.
  • Sarah Arceneaux asked if items sold online needed to be on the paperwork. Ms. Vidos answered no. 

2. Virtual Learning & Device Agreement Forms 

  • The forms were sent home to K-2 grade parents. They were sent home earlier in the school year to grades 3-4. At that time, we weren’t 1:1 with Chromebooks and iPads for the lower grades. Grant money for district came through and they ordered Chromebooks and iPads. They are now assigning them to K-2 students and is now 1:1. All students have been using devices all year. If the need to go virtual arises, the devices will be sent home for students to participate from home.  The maintenance fee is applicable even for school use. The fee can be paid on My School Bucks, or by cash or check.
  • Laura Lee mentioned her son was quarantined but the Chromebook was nice to have. Teachers were great in administering virtual learning. 

C. Admin & School Q&A

  • Ms. Vidos gave an update on the school and said the teachers and students have been phenomenal and have adapted so well to changes.
  • Ms. Yergeau was impressed with the Cover up to Recover campaign and was pleased to see Woodvale students Preston Schultz and Charlie Grow in the commercial with. She said Woodvale is leading the way!
  • Betsy said she found out that Woodvale has a Coca-Cola Rewards account that is receiving money, but no one seems to know about it. She feels like it is a missed opportunity. It’s similar to Community Coffee and you enter codes and receive at least 15 cents per code. Schools cannot enter codes for itself; it has to come from parents. 
    • Ms. Vidos said she would  follow up with Ms. Tassin and Ms. Barnes and is interested in learning more about it.  Linda signed up and you can scan code, too.
  • Adele said a parent contacted her about school pictures. Ms. Vidos responded that they tried to set a date for October and December but couldn’t because no visitors on campus. She is hoping for spring pictures “when the ban is lifted”.  Yearbook committee meeting tomorrow. 
  • Dr. Claire Schultz asked if Woodvale as an Amazon Smiles account. Ms. Vidos said she doesn’t know anything about that program either. Claire said you can link your Amazon account  to  a Smiles account and a small percentage will go to the selected organization. She thinks schools could be added to the account. Ms. Vidos said she will look into it. 

The meeting ended at 6:38 pm.

12 participants.

November Minutes

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