The following is a reminder of car rider procedures. We appreciate your cooperation in following these procedures, which are for the safety of our students.


Students ARE NOT to be dropped off on the sidewalk of Roselawn Blvd or Leon Dr while waiting in the car line. Walkers only in the surrounding neighborhood are allowed to use the sidewalks to walk to school.

Vehicles are no longer allowed on Woodvale Avenue (in either direction) to drop off students. Vehicles must use Roselawn Blvd to enter the car rider line.


● Duty teachers are on standby to help encourage social distancing and to direct students to continue straight to their classrooms for temperature checks and breakfast.

● Students must wear masks upon arrival.

● Hand Sanitizing Stations are available throughout campus. Students should sanitize hands upon entering the building.


Cars will no longer line up on Woodvale Avenue. Please line up on Roselawn Blvd instead. There is a bike lane where cars can safely wait without blocking through traffic. ONLY faculty and staff will enter on Woodvale Avenue.

● Cars will enter from Roselawn Blvd going towards Johnston Street and turn right on Leon Dr.

● The first car will begin the line and park in the loop next to the cafeteria.

● At the 7:25 am bell the first car will pull up to the Hall A entrance sidewalk (past the front entrance of school) where children can exit their vehicle once they stop.

● Faculty and staff will use the left lane in the circle drive to enter their parking spaces.

● Please drive until the cars in front of you have stopped. Do not stop if there is space to pull forward.

● The drop off spaces extend from Hall A entrance (past the office area) all the way to the end of the cafeteria loop sidewalk covering (near the bike rack). Please do not allow students to exit the car beyond that point.

● Have your student take off their seatbelt and put on their mask and prepare to exit as you enter the circle driveway. Students should not need parent or duty teacher assistance to exit the vehicle once it is in a stopped position. Of course, duty teachers will help to expedite the process as they greet students, but please do not wait for someone to open the car door as long as you are stopped. All students should exit vehicles to the right.

● Students will walk to their grade level hallway after exiting the car from its stopped position at any place in the car rider lane: K/1: Hall C, 2nd/3rd/4th: Hall B, SPED: Hall C


Please make sure to have your car rider tag. Car rider tags are MANDATORY. A suggestion is to hang it on a child’s pants hanger on the rear view mirror. If you do not have your tag, you must park in a parking space, go inside to show ID, and then walk to your car with your child when a duty teacher motions you across.

● 2:10 pm: The first car in line by the cafeteria loop may pull up to the Hall A entrance spot. A duty teacher will begin typing student names and car spots 1-6 into a live google sheet. Teachers will have this on display in the classroom.

● 2:12 pm: CAR RIDER DISMISSAL. Do not pass any other cars unless directed by a duty teacher. Students will walk to the numbered spot and wait to enter their car with masks on.

● This new process will take time for students to walk to their cars, but these procedures prevent students from sitting close together in the heat or cold and safely allows for social distancing.

● Students will be encouraged to sanitize their hands upon leaving the building.

● Walkers will be dismissed once the carpool traffic flow has eased and it is safe to use the crosswalks.

Woodvale Elementary PTC Street-Map-795x1024 New Car Rider and Bus Procedures

New Car Rider and Bus Procedures

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