Room parents are those critical volunteers who help support the students, teachers, and staff of Woodvale Elementary.  Your main responsibilities are to assist our teachers, communicate with parents, and help coordinate celebrations or parties.

If you decide that this is a volunteer opportunity for you … thank you! Our Room Parent Liaison will provide you with the resources and the tools you need to get organized and to make this the best year ever!

Room Parent Duties:

  • Head Room Parent
    • If applicable, you may want to discuss with the other class room parents and designate one as a ‘head room parent’
  • Student Info Sheet to create class list
    • Check with your teacher prior to requesting information from parents.  Many teachers have already collected the necessary information from parents and may be able to provide you with a list.
    • If your teacher does not have this information available, please use the one provided and make copies at school if needed.
    • Copies of the class list should be made available to the Room Parent Liaison so that they can be placed in a binder with each teacher’s information sheet.
  • Teacher Expectations
    • You will need to talk to your teacher and any other room parents in your class about specific things that the teacher would like for you to help with like holiday celebrations, etc.
    • Some of the teachers may have filled out sheets with this information already.
  • Class Coverage and Supervision
    • Occasional room parents will need to coordinate class coverage for teacher luncheons, special events,  etc.

Ideas for Room Parents:

  • Teacher Birthdays

    • Have someone sit with the class during their lunch period
    • Send cupcakes for the class to celebrate together with the teacher
    • Send the teacher a special cake or dessert
  • Envelopes for each student
    • Easy way to exchange information with parents in the class

      • Often used during teacher appreciation week or for teacher gifts
        • Label the outside of envelope with your information
          • EX: Room Parent / Return to Room Parent
    • Allows information and/ or money to be returned directly to you
      • This idea also keeps notes you are sending about gifts a secret from the teacher
        • NOTE: Please advise the parents that the school board has put a cap on gifts to teachers.  No one child can give more than $75 throughout the year and no more than $25 per instance.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
    • Coordinate with class parents to help with several gifts and/or activities for the week.  These are all just ideas; you may choose and coordinate any activities your class would like to do.

        • Morning breakfast delivered to the teacher
        • Lunch delivered to the teacher
        • Snacks or baked goods of some sort brought to the teacher
        • Dinner (either homemade or store bought) brought to school one afternoon so she/he will not have to cook
        • Monday – flower
        • Tuesday – fruit
        • Wednesday – note from child
        • Thursday – favorite snack
        • Friday – office supply (paper clips, staples etc)
    • We will need a few parent volunteers during this week to walk children to the cafeteria, serve the teacher’s lunch, and monitor the cafeteria during the Annual PTC Appreciation Luncheon.

As a Room Parent you will have access to the class when a lot of other parents do not.  When possible, please take photos at parties or other events you attend. With permission, these photos can be shared with the teacher or yearbook staff.

Our goal is for our teachers and staff of Woodvale to feel the appreciation we have towards them.

Student Information Sheet