Committees form the framework for all that we do with Woodvale Elementary PTC.  There are numerous smaller groups within PTC that perform activities on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.  What does this mean for you?  It means that regardless of the amount of time that you have to offer or the skill set that you possess, we have a committee for YOU.  Our Work Room and Media Center committees perform weekly (and sometimes daily) tasks for our teachers.  For our Appreciation Committee, letting our teachers know they are special is a monthly focus.  Our school grounds are spruced up regularly by our Beautification Committee.  Room Parents are needed by our teachers to facilitate special activities from time to time in the classroom.  Students and faculty alike enjoy the monthly effort of our Popcorn crew.  And special events such as our Patriotic Celebration, Symposium, and Eagle Fun Run require the efforts of an organized group.