Parents and Teachers, please consider joining one of our committees! There is truly something for everyone. No matter what your day-to-day schedule is like, there is a way you can contribute. Big or small, every hour of volunteering goes a really long way.

We are also looking for committee leaders. Keep in mind if you’d like to run for a PTC office, chairing or co-chairing a committee is highly encouraged and a requirement for president.

While we are in Phase 1 or 2, no visitors or volunteers will be allowed on campus. That means, some special events will only occur if we are in Phase 3. This year, we will be getting creative to come up with ways to help Woodvale from a safe distance. We are open to your ideas! 


Symposium: In October, the PTC hosts a special enrichment event. Students participate in 90 minutes of hands-on activities during the school day. Volunteers are needed to brainstorm this year’s theme, procure tents and sponsors, decorate and prepare for the event, and assist students with activities during Symposium. (This year, we will prepare for a virtual or in-person event.) Time/Flexibility: September prep work at home; October event in-person

Patriotic Ceremony: Each year Woodvale hosts a very special Veterans Day ceremony with first responders and veterans invited; Members are needed to help decorate, drop off food items, set up/take down, and work with the communications committee Time/Flexibility: Veterans Day 

Mardi Gras King Cakes & Coffee: Organize this annual event for teachers and staff.  Help procure donations, purchase and drop off items, set up/clean up event. Time/Flexibility: Week before Mardi Gras break, Committee members can work from home and/or in person 

Eagle Fun Run: The PTC’s biggest fundraiser of the year raises about $20K for Woodvale! We need lots of committee members to assist with the event both at home and in person. Tasks needed in advance include getting business sponsorships and prizes, organizing the event, counting/documenting donations as they come in; Tasks needed the day before and day of include: setting up/taking down the race track on the PE field, cheering on students, distributing water, etc. Time/Flexibility: January to March, in-person is key for committee chair; committee members can work from home or in-person

Earth Day: Organize a walk/ride to school day and encourage no idling in the carpool line! Other activities TBD. Time/Flexibility: One week in April; at home and before/after school 

Employee Appreciation Week: Every May for National Teacher Appreciation Week, we go all out! Committee members will work with the Room Parent committee on creative and simple gifts; Committee will also host a lunch banquet on Friday; Members are needed to procure donations, cook and/or pick up food items, decorate, set up and take down, act as servers for the banquet, and serve as substitutes in the classroom while the teachers eat Time/Flexibility: May, Committee members can work from home and/or in person 


Room Parents: Each classroom has a room parent that assists the teacher (and librarian) with special projects, especially around special events such as holiday and end-of-year parties Time/Flexibility: Committee members can work from home and/or in person, In-person is only about 6 times a year for around an hour or two; You can be a room parent and work full-time! Other committee members and/or parents and grandparents can help you with parties

Communications: Assist with Facebook, the PTC website, the weekly newsletter, corresponding with volunteers, and working with school admin on sharing news with media and parents Time/Flexibility: Year-Round, can work from home, Word Press and writing skills needed!

Beautification Committee: Woodvale is completing a $6M renovation and now is the time to make our campus as nice as ever! Volunteers are needed on weekends (and weekdays once restrictions are lifted) to weed, work in flower beds, spruce up outdoor areas, mulch, power wash, and procure donations. We also want to upgrade the Teacher’s Lounge this year to create a relaxing space for teachers and staff. Time/Flexibility: Four weekends per year, about 4 hours; Even if you can only commit to one day, please sign up!

Media Center/Work Room: Making copies, laminating, and binding for teachers Time/Flexibility: Weekly, in-person once restrictions are lifted 

COVID-19: Assisting administration and teachers with special activities related to the pandemic. Time/Flexibility: Virtual

Have an idea for another committee or a special event? Let us know!