Helping Our Eagles SOAR!

Month: November 2017

The Book Fair needs YOU!

Come one, come all to Woodvale Elementary Library‘s largest fund raising event of the school year!  Thank you for considering to volunteer for what promises to be a spectacularly good time once you’ve rested up from the Thanksgiving break.  This email is filled with several opportunities to volunteer before, during, and after the book fair as follows:

LIBRARY TRANSFORMATION (Thursday, November 30th):  Volunteers with a wee bit of artist flair can assist in enchanting the library from ceiling to floor, plus the hallway area in front of the library.  Lift your magic wands (if you lack the flair, like me!) to make, hang, and place decorations at the librarians’ direction.  Help set up the book shelving and poster displays, sprinkle pixie dust at your leisure, place the sample books that will be for sale, etc.  The transformation will take place on Thursday, November 30th from 11:00-3:00.  Please come the whole time or any part of that time.  It would be great to have 3-4 folks for helping inside the library, plus about 6 volunteers (if ladders don’t scare you) for the hallway.  First come, first accepted!  Simply email us with your times to sign up for this.

LIBRARY PREVIEW DAY (Friday, December 1st):  Sign up for 1hr to 1.5 hr sessions on the sign up genius link below.  This is the premier of premiers that allows every person at Woodvale to be dazzled by our library transformation and make a wish list of items they’d like to purchase during the next week at the book fair.  Students will walk though in 15-minute intervals, say “WOW”, window shop, and write down the titles and gifts they’d like to have of their very own.  Kinder, 1st, and maybe 2nd graders will need help writing down their lists quickly.  Second, 3rd, and 4th graders will need help finding prices.  All kids will need gentle nudging toward listing grade appropriate books first on their lists, and then a small sprinkling of non-book items from the tables and posters.  If we can get 10 persons per shift, the time will fly by.  The Book Fair Class Schedule is attached so you can sign up specifically with your child’s class if you’d like. o/60B0D4BACAE28A6FB6-preview

LIBRARY PREVIEW DAY for the teachers (also Friday, December 1st):  If you’re unable to spare time for Book Fair or even if you’re volunteering everyday, please consider donating some savory and/or sweet food items on the signup genius link below.  Teachers are enticed to make their classroom wish lists as they enjoy an array of goodies and delights while their classes shop.  You can sign up for an item alone or even “buddy up” with others when the cost of a tray is prohibitive. go/60B0D4BACAE28A6FB6-preview1

SHOP TIL YOU DROP:  All students (and anyone else) are allowed to make purchases of wish list items (and other items for which they have money, including tax) on M-F, 12/4-8/17, during school hours in the library.  The kids come with their piggy bank coins, currency, and checks to make purchases.  We are asking for 3 volunteers, in 1-2 hours shifts to assist with these sales.  If your shift coincides with lunch, we’ll even feed you!  Remember to use the Book Fair Class Schedule so you can sign up with your child’s class shopping time.  Here’s the link again. go/60b0d4bacae28a6fb6-preview

PACK UP:  The shopping fun ends on Friday, December 8th at 12:00 noon.  The carriage turns back into a pumpkin, we’ll probably lose a glass slipper, we’ll use our magic wands one last time, and we will reverse the library transformation.  Please use the preview day sign up link below to help pack up, tear down, and shed a nostalgic tear for another wonderful Book Fair.  Eight persons are needed from 12:30-3:00. go/60b0d4bacae28a6fb6-preview

Even with all the magic and pixie dust in the world, the Woodvale Library would be hard pressed to have a successful event without you.  We appreciate and value your time and assistance.

Thanks again,

Terri Dixon

The library needs artists!

Mrs. Deville the librarian has asked for help! She is looking for someone to paint a backdrop before Thanksgiving break that will be used during the Book Fair that looks like the attached image (minus the ballerina!) Please let us know if you can help her out! 😊Woodvale Elementary PTC img_0311-1 The library needs artists!